Will you buy this noodle-inspired footwear?

 weird resemblance with uncooked instant noodles.

This footwear is a creation of the Italian luxury fashion house Bottega Veneta and is a part of its 2020 pre-fall collection, reported the New York Post.

Instagram fashion page Diet Prada posted its picture comparing it with a brick of dry Ramen.

Bottega Veneta pre-fall shoes

The smell of hot and steaming shoe noodles pulled a bunch of meme lords on the post’s comment section who showed no mercy in displaying their creative commenting skills.

“Chicken noodle shoe with a soda on the side,” wrote one shoe-noodle connoisseur.

“Seasoning packet included or nah?” commented another

One health-conscious user sleeked some clarification to make better diet choices — “High sodium or low?”

Dear readers, will you buy these designer heels? Take the poll given below and let us know.

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