Apple iPhone 5S launch event expected to be scheduled on September 10

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    » Apple iPhone 5S launch event expected to be scheduled on September 10

    Source: — Saturday, August 10, 2013
    Apple is expected to host its next
    iPhone launch event on September 10 , if AllThingsD ‘s sources are to be
    believed. This will be a critical launch for Apple, which
    has seen its market share dipping in the last few quarters with increased
    competition from Samsung. This time Apple is expected to
    launch at least two variants of the iPhone – one a successor to the current
    iPhone 5, called the iPhone 5S and a more affordable iPhone, which is rumored
    to be called the iPhone 5C . The iPhone 5S is said to have an improved camera
    and processor as usual while rumors also point towards a fingerprint scanner
    embedded in the home button . The iPhone 5C, in the meanwhile, is expected to
    come in a variety of colors with a plastic casing . Typically
    Apple has lowered the prices of its older iPhones rather
    than launching a low-cost variant, which could change this year. The iPhone
    5C is speculated to be priced around $300 unsubsidized and would target
    non-carrier subsidy markets like India. As is tradition,
    Apple will also unveil the final version of iOS 7, which
    it had first showcased at its annual WWDC event for developers in June that
    sports completely refreshed icons and numerous UI tweaks .
    Apple also unveiled a new version of OS X caller Mavericks
    but it would host another event aimed at Macs as typically this event is
    exclusively dedicated for the iPhone. This will be the first major launch
    event for Apple this year as it has not hosted

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