Apple Reportedly Developing Large Curved Screen iPhones For Late 2014, Better Touchscreen Sensors

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    » Apple Reportedly Developing Large Curved Screen iPhones For Late 2014,
    Better Touchscreen Sensors


    By Darrell

    Apple is said to be working on two curved display
    iPhone models for the “second half of next year,” according to a source
    speaking to Bloomberg, with a likely released
    planned for the third quarter, and building better touchscreen sensors that
    introduce fine pressure sensitivity for later devices to be introduced after

    These new iPhones for 2014 would come in 4.7 and
    5.5-inch flavors, according to the report, meaning that Apple would be
    introducing not one, but two different models at the same time, in theory.
    We’ve seen reports of Apple working on different models of large-screen
    devices in the past, including one from the Wall Street Journal that suggests it’s
    been working on different tests of devices with screen sizes between 4.8 and
    6 inches. This is the first time we’ve really heard firm information about a
    possible release date for said devices, from a source as generally reliable
    as Bloomberg. A Japanese iOS rumor site claimed a September launch for a large-screen
    late in October, however, and two reliable analyst sources predict a 4.7-inch
    iPhone 6
    bound for stores in late 2014.

    also introduced precedent for doing two models of new iPhone at once this
    year with the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, so the idea that it could do so again
    in the future makes some sense. But two new larger-screened devices at once
    does seem like a stretch – thought if Apple retained an iPhone 5c as its
    third, budget device and added two more to the mid-tier and high-end range,
    that might allow it to do so without adding crazy complexity to its product

    The sensor developments are potentially more
    interesting to those who find the current screen size of the iPhone adequate;
    true pressure sensitivity (currently, some crude extent of that is possible
    via the iPhone’s accelerometer) would make drawing and handwriting
    applications on the iPhone and iPad much, much better. Apple could sell the
    devices as professional-level artistic devices if it introduces those kinds
    of features, in addition to just making things better for everyday users who
    want to jot notes and doodle, for example, or perform minor photo

    It’s very early days to make any kind of
    judgement about the likely accuracy of these claims, but the source gives it
    some weight. Apple’s iPhone joining the ranks of bigger-screened devices
    definitely makes sense as a next move for the lineup, but curved glass
    manufacturing also seems quite expensive at this point for Apple to be
    considering launching two new devices with that feature at

    Via 9to5Mac. Photo courtesy


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