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    » Canon 6D: Light and handy


    The minute
    you pick up the Canon 6D, you realize there is something different about it.
    It is an incredibly light camera, partlydue to the fact that the top place on
    the body is made of plastic.

    This was done to allow the
    GPS and Wi-Fi module to operate without any signal interference, which would
    have been prevalent, had the Canon 6D retained the magnesium alloy top-plate.

    It has an 11-point AF system of which only the centre point is cross type
    which boasts a level of sensitivity that is unmatched by any other DSLR in
    the market. It also houses a newly designed 20.2 megapixel sensor which has
    been paired up with a Digic 5+ image processing chip, the same one found in
    the Canon 5D MarkIII and the 1Dx.

    The imaging aspect of
    the 6D is just as good as one would expect from not just a full-frame camera,
    but also from a camera with the Canon brand name slapped on

    The camera displays an excellent dynamic range, which
    we’re tempted to say is slightly higher than that of the 5D MarkIII even.
    While the camera doesn’t work wonders with highlights, what it does do well
    is retain details in the shadow areas rather well.

    However, the 6D is not without its faults. The 11 AF points aren’t nearly
    enough and do not cover a very large area, forcing us to recompose a lot of
    our shots. The lack of more cross-type AF points is also

    However, the centre AF point does
    exceptionally well in locking and tracking focus, especially in low light. We
    shot a few concerts in very low light and the autofocus performed
    beautifully, and the images were rather clean for those shot at ISO

    If you’re a quality nut, you might find the video on
    the 6D to be slightly disappointing, in that it is susceptible to
    more-than-normal amounts of moire, the jagged line pattern that comes in
    video when filming straight lines or check patterns.

    filmmakers could really benefit from the otherwise good video quality (on a
    budget), but the real pros might want to stick with the 5D

    Sensor 20.2 Megapixels full frame
    Lens mount: EF ONLY Image
    Digic 5+ ISO range: 100
    – 25600 Weight (Body only): 770 gms
    Price: Rs 1,24,995 (body only)
    Contact: Canon India /

    * Incredibly light for a full frame camera
    * Most sensitive AF system in a DSLR

    * Lacks cross-type AF points *
    Video is susceptible to moire

    Via: Lifestyle

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