Fancy eating a shoe made of chocolate?

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    » Fancy eating a shoe made of chocolate?

    Mehta had her Eureka moment when she realised that the easiest way to a
    woman’s heart was through chocolates and shoes. So the owner of Choco Fiesta
    simply married the two to create chunky chocolates in the shape of

    For: Rs 250 for a dozen At: Tart Bakery, Shop
    number 9, Hill Road, Bandra or Vongwong, 1st floor, Express Towers, Nariman
    point. Call: 26558761, 22875633 

    “Bridal showers,
    baby showers, anniversaries, birthdays or just like that, these shoe
    chocolates are flying off the shelf,” she says, adding that she imported a
    custom-made mould to create the shoe shape.

    For: Rs 1,000
    to Rs 1,400. At: Choco Fiesta, near Agripada Police Station. Call:

    “It takes nearly four hours to
    make this chocolate, as first you have to paint the intricate design on the
    mould and then pour the chocolate and keep it for setting. I use a
    combination of white, dark and brown chocolate. So if there is any mistake,
    there is a possibility that the outcome will be messy.”

    We’ll admit, we were craving for more. So, we tracked other bakeries and
    shops that would give us more shoe bites.

    Via: Lifestyle

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