Ho ho ho, four young kids about to be left fatherless to own the libs


Oh boy, this pastor is a Grade A conspiracist. Among his greatest hits: 

As the Jan. 6 certification of the election was drawing near, his rhetoric picked up. During one event at a government building, he yelled: “This is a revival of patriotism like the world has never seen! And we’ve got to push back and stand up, church! We can’t be cowards.”

He retweeted an advertisement for the “March for Trump” that would be held in Washington D.C., on Jan. 6, an ad that said, “The calvary is coming, Mr. President!” Then he added: “It’ll be epic!” […]

When the insurrection attempt at the Capitol was just two days away, Locke tweeted, “If you don’t have convictions worth dying for, you’ve never learned what living is,” and, “Rise up!”

On the eve of the insurrection, Locke tweeted from Washington D.C., “God is about to sweep through this place like a mighty flood.” For his final tweet before the Capitol was ransacked, he said, “God is about to dethrone some wicked people that have been in power. Very soon Twitter will be trending the unthinkable. Remember this tweet. God will not be mocked.”

But after the insurrection attempt failed, he changed his tone, calling it a “set up” done by “paid rioters.”

The list goes on; follow that link above if you want the full story. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this guy end up in the center of some shit in the next couple of years. 


I’m face blind, so I could be wrong, but I suspect that’s Jeffrey Zients, the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator. He’s been director of the Office of Management and Budget and the National Economic Council. His job isn’t to work on the science of the pandemic; that’s what the Centers for Disease Control and Anthony Fauci are for. His is a logistics job—making sure that the relevant authorities, jurisdictions, and agencies have the money and authority they need to speed the nation’s pandemic recovery. 

For that task, he’s extremely well-qualified, and by all measures, his only failing has been to convince the deplorables to do the right thing. Not even Donald Trump can manage that these days. 

But just marvel at one of these deplorables complaining that someone running pandemic effort doesn’t have “medical education, no experience at all, nothing,” when he was perfectly happy to have Jared Kushner hold the same job, with no medical education, and zero relevant experience. Nor did he likely have a problem with Donald Trump, with no medical education, telling people to drink Clorox and shine a UV light up their butts. 

Now they want credentials? Really


Guys, some extremely rare condition, one which is caused by COVID (among other things), might be triggered by the vaccine. The is “very rare” and “a rare disorder” and “it is not yet known whether these cases are connected to or caused by the vaccines” and “most people affected recover fully.” But for some reason, our genius here thought this was a big AHA GOTCHA. 

Apparently, he didn’t get past the headline, nor did he expect anyone else to do so. 


Don’t say that guy died of a car crash. He was in the hospital after the car crash, and died of internal bleeding and blunt-force trauma. But he had gotten past the car crash and was in the hospital before he died of those other things. 

I mean, the quote from the article literally says “COVID … left him with a horrendous sinus infection that somehow penetrated his brain.” The lengths they’ll go to deny the seriousness of this pandemic!


Take a guess which states report breakthrough cases and which ones do not (Texas*COUGH*Florida). Regardless, while I’m not going to go and try to chase down the source of his data, even if we took it 100% at face value as true and accurate, he’s saying that only 20% of deaths are vaccinated people. I suspect he’s trying to make the case that vaccination doesn’t prevent death, which no one ever claimed it would, and admitting, instead, just how much more effective vaccines are. 

I mean, does he really want to trumpet that 80% of all deaths are unvaccinated, despite making up a minority of Americans? 


What a horrid piece of shit this guy was, justifying the murder of people because of their past. That Pastor Greg Locke above? This is what he says about his own past:

He continued: ”I moved away, and I was actually in state’s custody. I was arrested six times. On probation five times. I was just a wayward teenager. My father was in the Tennessee State Penitentiary for about ten years, and I hated my stepdad … so, I was actually shipped off to a boy’s home, and I became a Christian ten days after I got there.”

Rosenbaum himself was abused as a kid, and ended up molesting kids while in a temporary house. He was convicted and served his sentence. That had nothing to do with fighting for justice for yet another senseless police shooting of a Black man.

Huber had a mental breakdown, and threatened his grandmother and brother with a knife as the brother attempted to get him to a hospital. 

And none of that has any bearing on them being shot, just like Pastor Locke’s six arrests  have zero bearing on him being a monumental and dangerous asshole today. 


Uh oh, karma. SAME DAY. 


FOUR KIDS. And given that he’s just 31, those kids are all going to be young, 

The Q/Fox News/conservative media ecosystem has demonstrated a horrifying ability to strip away their followers’ most innate parental instincts to protect their family at all costs. They are recklessly endangering themselves and their kids while racking up horrific medical debt that will hobble them financially, whether that parent lives or dies. 

Merry Christmas kids, ho ho ho, sorry your dad is at death’s door. But hey, he’ll probably test negative for COVID by the time he’s done, so it won’t count and it’ll just be media lies, so it’ll all be good. 

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