‘I Hope Your Family Dies in Front of You’ : politics

“I hope your fucking family dies. I hope everybody in your fucking staff dies, you fucking piece of fucking shit. Traitor!” an anonymous caller said in a message Upton shared with CNN at the time.

The rhetoric is getting very bad, and you have to assume some of these people are impaired by meth or alcohol and are willing to actually do the terrible things they are suggesting.

It’s like, certain people have reached their psychic breaking point. They have to admit they were wrong about a few things, like covid and the Big Lie, but they want you to be more wrong than them, and they are willing to brutalize you to prove it.

People need consequences for acting like this. I don’t care how anxious and depressed they are. If they can’t control themselves, then society has a duty to keep them under control.

People who use death threats to intimidate public officials belong in jail, and when they get out, they need to lose all their guns and their right to ever have a gun again.

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