Insurrection probe wants to hear from McCarthy; Florida’s governor goes missing

Trump allegedly appeared to side with the rioters in a call with McCarthy during the violence. Whether McCarthy is willing to buck Trump by telling investigators about the call, however, is an open question.

In the news today: The House committee probing the Jan. 6 insurrection wants to hear from yet another House Republican who was in contact with Donald Trump that day: Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, whose pleas to Trump for assistance during the violence were rebuffed. The new year is bringing at least some good news, as new government rules take effect curtailing surprise medical bills.

Florida is seeing yet another massive COVID-19 surge, but there’s a conspicuous difference this time around: COVID ally Gov. Ron DeSantis hasn’t been heard from in about two weeks now, and people are beginning to wonder. Not complaining, mind you. But wondering.

Oh, and a House Republican is again taking issue with another basic premise of our democracy. This time she’s aggrieved that Democrats who move to Republican states still get to vote. No, that isn’t performance art or anything, this is just what the party does now.

Here’s some of what you may have missed:

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