Kevin McCarthy Humiliates Himself In New House Republican Propaganda Video

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy released a video claiming that Republicans will never back down while ignoring the 1/6 attack.


The video itself is not worth transcribing. McCarthy hit on all of the usual Republicans about freedom and how a dark and unnamed “they” are coming to get Republicans.

The screen flipped through images of House Republicans, and the video looked more like the opening credits of Orange Is The New Black combined with mugshots of those traitors who participated in the 1/6 attack than a rousing ad.

The video does nothing but humiliate McCarthy and expose him as a weak, soft leader with no gravitas at all.

The Republicans are being led into the midterm by the equivalent of a whiny nine-year-old who is upset that he hasn’t gotten his way. After watching this video, it is easy to see why House Republicans treat him like a joke.

House Republicans are going with the angry call to arms style of campaigning. If the electorate turns out to not be as mad by November, they will be seriously screwed.

Republicans don’t have anything to run on besides anger. The video made clear that Republicans do not want to talk about the Capitol attack or the role of that much of the House Republican caucus in Donald Trump’s coup.


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