Randy Travis’ doctors say he had congestive heart failure, ‘has shown signs of improvement’

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    » Randy Travis’ doctors say he had congestive heart failure,
    ‘has shown signs of improvement’

    popcultureblog.dallasnews.com – Wednesday, July 10, 2013
    Randy Travis performed “Amazing Grace” during Chris Kyle’s memorial
    service at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington on February 11. (David Woo/Staff
    photographer) Randy Travis, who’s been in critical condition in Collin County
    hospitals since Sunday, was admitted with presumptive cardiomyopathy and
    congestive heart failure, according to the doctors who have been treating the
    54-year-old country singer-songwriter. But according to Michael Mack, the
    director of cardiovascular disease at the Baylor Health Care System in
    Dallas, his condition has stabilized, and “he has shown signs of
    improvement.” Travis’ doctors are speaking publicly for the first time since
    he was admitted — first to Baylor Medical Center at McKinney, then The Heart
    Hospital Baylor Plano. Their remarks come one day after Travis’ sister-in-law
    said he had heart surgery , only to be contradicted by his Nashville-based
    publicist, who said he had a pump surgically implanted in his left ventricle
    that allows the heart to keep pumping blood in case it fails. According to
    Dr. William Gray, the director of cardiovascular services at Baylor Medical
    Center at McKinney, Travis was brought in Sunday via the emergency room. Gray
    said Travis “had been in previously excellent health until three weeks prior,
    when he developed a viral upper respiratory illness.” He was admitted into
    Baylor McKinney with presumptive cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure.
    At McKinney, said Gray, Travi


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