Redistricting Roundup January 12, 2022 : politics

Every 10 years, following the US Census, Congressional, state and local legislative districts are redrawn to adjust for changes in population. Redistricting has a tremendous effect on American democracy, impacting control of the House of Representatives at the federal level, but also control of state legislatures and local city councils that might have a more immediate effect for most Americans. The process has been officially under way ever since the Census released its full suite of data in August, and many states have officially completed their congressional maps. This thread is intended for users to discuss proposed maps, news and more related to the redistricting process.


  • 33 states have approved Congressional maps for the 2022 election (which includes the 6 states with only one at-large district – note: maps approved by the legislature in Arkansas and by the independent redistricting commission in Michigan are not yet in effect)

  • 15 states have proposed maps but have not approved or enacted a map yet

  • 2 states (KS and LA) have not proposed a map yet

  • Lawsuits have been filed in 12 states challenging congressional and/or state legislative maps


  • FiveThirtyEight’s Redistricting Tracker – by far the most comprehensive collection of redistricting information, ranging from proposed maps, status of each state’s process, and projected partisan voting index (PVI) of each district.

  • Dave Wasserman’s Twitter – Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report with Amy Walter regularly updates on proposed maps as well as other redistricting news.

  • Brennan Center Redistricting Litigation Roundup – this resource surveys redistricting litigation against proposed or enacted maps, which seek to force legislators or commissions to redraw maps or, barring that, for courts to oversee a judicially drawn map.

  • Ballotpedia) – contains a map of the current status of each state’s process.

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