The First 15 Things You Should Cook In Your New Air Fryer


Photo: Claire Lower

I love a juicy, fresh summer tomato, but those aren’t available in the winter months. Luckily, you can use your air fryer to obliterate some tiny tomatoes, transforming them into something truly delicious, no matter the season:

Good, fresh tomatoes cannot be forced. Sure, cherry tomatoes are pretty decent any time of year, but they do not compare to a ripe summer tomato. Luckily, we humans learned how to use heat (and salt) to improve our food a long time ago, and the air fryer is the next step in that evolutionary journey. It’s a fairly new device, but an efficient one, and I am delighted to report it does a bang-up job at reducing watery, bland tomatoes into an umami-rich, jammy mass.

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