The True Cost of iPhone 5c Nearly $600 : Apple May Never Sell Low-End

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    » The True Cost of iPhone 5c Nearly $600 : Apple May Never Sell Low-End

    Source: — Thursday, September 12, 2013
    Before Apple revealed its two new
    iPhones, there were rumors that one of the devices would be the cheaper or
    more affordable version. When Apple finally revealed the
    iPhone 5c, it was indeed priced cheaply – on contract. In reality, it still
    costs $549 for the 16GB version without a contract. Looking at the iPhone 5c
    — it’s just the old iPhone 5 placed in a plastic case. So is paying $549
    reasonable? I think not. Yes it is cheaper with contract, but if you’re
    already an iPhone 5 owner, would you really exchange that for a newer iPhone
    5c just because of the colored plastic casing? You could achieve the same
    look for a less money by buying a hard plastic case. Back in August, Asymco,
    a company that focuses on Apple’s business strategies and
    offers its predictions for the mobile industry, predicted that the iPhone 5c
    will be priced somewhere between $450-$500, and the 5s in the $650-$700
    range. And they were right. Though number for the 5s off contract hasn’t been
    revealed, it seems Aymco predicted it correctly. When will
    Apple offer a true, low-end iPhone?   Asymco believes
    that Apple has finally realized that one device isn’t
    going to fit everyone’s needs. First, because of the price, second, people
    love options and not everyone needs a top-of-the-line smartphone. Thirdly,
    Apple needs a way to appeal to emerging markets, which
    seems to be the trend for leading smartphone manufacturers.
    Apple’s most notable rival Samsung offers hi

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