Trump and two of his stooges are fighting the Jan. 6 committee, and more

In the news today: Jim Jordan isn’t keen on appearing before the House Select Committee on Jan. 6 to explain his role in coordinating a coup with Donald Trump. Fine, lock him up. Michael Flynn lost his latest attempt to keep his role in the insurrection under wraps. Lock him up, too. And completing the trifecta of assholery, Donald Trump wants the Supreme Court to block the release of documents related to Jan. 6 to the House committee. This one? Lock him up and throw away the key. Speaking of the Supreme Court, they will be meeting soon to decide the Biden administration’s vaccine and testing mandates. It’s been revealed that Majorie Taylor Greene—notorious anti-vaxxer and all-around jackass—owns stock in companies that produce vaccines. 

Here’s some of what you may have missed:

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