Vanquished piracy site Isohunt rises from the dead


» Vanquished piracy site Isohunt rises from the dead

By Ian

If there’s one thing you can say about
online pirates, they’re a stubborn bunch. Less than two weeks after isoHunt
agreed to shut down
, the site is back online, albeit under new
management. The isoHunt reboot is also under a new domain swapping the “.com”
for “.to”—the top-level domain for Tonga, an archipelagic state in the South
Pacific Ocean.

Arguably the world’s second most notorious
torrent site (after The Pirate Bay), isoHunt agreed to shut down on October
23 following a lengthy
with eight Hollywood movie studios. The studios—including
Columbia Pictures, Disney Enterprises, Paramount Pictures, Tristar Pictures,
and Twentieth Century Fox Film, and Warner Bros.—also asked the court to
enter a $110 million judgment against site operator Gary

After the agreement, a group
called the ArchiveTeam said it would try to download all isoHunt data before
the site disappeared. IsoHunt shut down early to shut to down effort, but
unbeknownst to everyone, another group was also secretly downloading
isoHunt’s records. That’s the team that has brought isoHunt back from the
dead, according to TorrentFreak.

not clear who the new team is or even where they are in the world. As you
might expect, the owner of is hidden, but as Ars
first reported, the new website itself is hosted in

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