Video captures ‘Karen’ and partner attacking a Black man after he’s served before them at a Hilton

The story was broken by Daily Dot, which reports that the victim, meaning, of course, the Black man, whose Twitter name is @slyfoxnyc, goes by HL on the platform. 

“Can you please send the video to me so I can send to Hilton headquarters, because of this security failure the couple had the police waiting outside looking for me for hours I couldn’t stay at the hotel that night because they lied saying I attacked them. Thanks for recording,” HL tweeted to King on Jan. 2 after the video went viral. 


The video appears to show HL standing at the reception desk, while King is trying to tell hotel staff to “de-escalate” the situation as Karen and her husband lurk nearby. 

After what sounds like shouting and arguing, Karen walks over to HL and grabs his head. He pushes Karen off, but then Karen’s spouse jumps in and that’s when HL is forced to defend himself and punches said spouse, like the thunder of systemic racism never being addressed, causing him to drop like a heavy boulder. 

Hotel security is called in, but no one seems to be able to stop Karen as she stomps around in her bikini.

Meanwhile, King can be heard repeatedly calling out that “everything is on camera.” In the video, HL described the couple as “drunk” and “rude.”

“And y’all still haven’t restrained her,” King is heard yelling as Karen tries to go for the attack again, but is finally pulled away. 

“Where is y’all’s security?” he yelled. “Get her under control. Oh my god! I don’t understand this. This is crazy. Where’s y’all’s security? Because this is unacceptable. This is unacceptable. Ya’ll still haven’t restrained her.”


According to The Root, King wrote to Hilton Hotels to alert them about what happened in their Rio De Janeiro lobby, but so far, he’s had no response.

What would you do if you witnessed this altercation? 

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