‘You can thank Greg Abbott’ for COVID testing lines : politics

You can thank your gun comments for why you’re going to lose this race.

[Edit] I voted for him during his Senate run. Doesn’t change that he’s fucked up since.

You’ve fundamentally misunderstood Beto, and you’re allowing your cynicism to dominate your thinking, which is understandable given the state we live in.

Beto was honest, Beto BELIEVES in an unpopular stance, one he knows people would care substantially about, and he choose not lie by omission.

Now you can argue it was a politically poor decision, but politicians valuing their political fortunes over their constituents is the problem. Either way, he didn’t fuck up because he did what we want politicians to friggin do. I don’t believe the way to win as a Democrat in Texas is to lie, in fact I believe that’s a fools errand that will ruin everything.

Edit: and yeah, that means he can’t win here, but we’ve got plenty of pro gun Democrats and we’re a party, not a personality cult. The answer to Beto is to respect his conviction and simply pick a different nominee in the primary.

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